Shameless Self Promo

Ah, quarantine. Months at home with not much to do but hang out with myself and make artwork. So that’s exactly what I did. I’ve always made work about myself or using my image because, well, that’s what I have to work with. In addition to simply being resourceful, I enjoy having total control of a project, from vision to execution and everything in the middle. Being in lockdown, I saw a good opportunity to practice something I love, magazine layout. I was inspired by Robert Pattinson’s feature in GQ recently in which he took all of his own photos in his apartment. I figured “hey, I’m pretty handy with a camera and have some free time,” so a photoshoot I had and a magazine I designed.

Because I’ve made a lot of work using my own image, some of my peers have deemed me a narcissist, so to play it up, I titled the spread “Egomaniac.” Photographs, layout, and text by me.