Childhood Pleasures

Some of my fondest childhood memories are playing in the creek all day in the summertime. For my friends and I, it was our playground, our beach, our swimming pool, our imaginary fantasy land, anything we wanted it to be. We would walk or ride bikes to any of the easy access points, often times our neighbors’ yards, and be out of reach of our parents and any responsibilities we had.

Since the lockdown began earlier in the spring, I’ve been revisiting a lot of those childhood pleasures that I had forgotten in the hustle and bustle of school, work, and adult responsibilities. I’ve been able to be more carefree, less anxious about the time, and enjoy the simple things that bring me the most joy. Nearly everyday I’ve been setting out on foot with a camera and a bottle of water in a backpack, exploring my own backyard and reconnecting with the adventurous spirit I had as a kid. Doing so has reminded me of the things I value in life, as well as reminded me of the kind of work I love to make.

John catches a crayfish, first whole one I’ve seen all year.

A visitor joined me for a staring contest while I stopped to rest on a log and reapply sunscreen.

Cooling down, the clay makes for a nice slip-n-slide.

The debris that makes it into the creek has always been of interest to me. Sometimes it’s iron fences, massage tables, toilets, children’s toys and dolls, or real estate signs.

Seen on my walk on 06/09/20: three deer, two groups of ducks, one groundhog, countless chipmunks, one dead squirrel, two dead birds, many alive birds, one live crayfish, one detached crayfish claw, one snake.

One of my favorite places along the way to stop and look out over the creek and valley.

This road, despite its moon crater-like surface for much of it, is popular among local cyclists.