Distanced – a photo essay

During the coronavirus pandemic of early 2020, after my college moved online and my job no longer needed me, I was left at home, with my creativity and more free time than ever. The place that I call home is a rural town in New York with steep hills, dense forest, and winding creek beds. I know the town, its few establishments, and its residents well, and decided to use my new found time off to document the effect of the pandemic’s “social distancing” measures in my own town.

A quiet town already, my town is now close to silent. In a nine-mile walk I took up and down its hilly roads the other day, I encountered no other people. I was however chased by some free range chickens on not one, but two instances.

A work in progress which I plan to continue throughout the quarantine period here in New York, I’ve been using my time home to start a photo essay on the topic, appropriately titling it Distanced.

In the Morning

Bodi on the Bed

Self Portrait on Rope Swing


At the Bottom of the Hill

Fire Pit

Free – Take Me

Self Portrait at Desk


Dad by the Overpass

We Don’t Live Here No More

Nighttime by the TV

Underground Telephone Cables in This Vicinity

Your Own Virtual Jesus

Gone to Florida

Really Cool Hat