My American Home

My mom once apologized to a good friend for the house being messy, to which he replied, “We’re American, everyone’s house is messy.” I find some comfort in this quote, and find it to be especially true now, with most of the country being on some sort of lockdown for the past few months. Instead of taking more time to sort through the clutter and tidy up, I’ve been taking more time to be outside and make artwork, things that bring me immense joy and purpose. I was reminded of our friend’s quote recently when stepping over miscellaneous trash and mess to get to the back door of my garage, and decided to make some work about it. Behold, my American home in all its cluttered grandeur.

The Garage

Fluorescent lights, toddler bike, scrap lumber, street hockey banner, electrical box, tools.

Blue light, mud boots, pool chlorine, priority mail, peeling paint.

Worn-out Converse, pool chlorine, mayonnaise, Coca-Cola, white wine.

Mobil 1, watering can, snow brush, rollerblades, spigot.

Fluorescent lights.

The Kitchen

Pepsi, coleslaw, citrus fruit, carrots, tonic water, club soda, Yellow Tail, maple syrup, Coca-Cola, grape jelly.

Blue light, sour cream, 3/4 of an avocado, 1/2 a grapefruit, eggs, Pepsi, coleslaw.

Simple Syrup, chicken broth, leftover pizza, ranch dressing, pickles.

Corn flakes, canned vegetables, peanut butter, crackers, Cheetos, flour, paper plates, old cookbooks.

Receipts, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, wallet, keys, screwdriver, aluminum foil.

The Spare Room

Clothes for Amvets, portfolio case, storage tub, vacuum, young artist, telephone, microwave, toilet paper, paper towels, stuffed raccoon.

Vacuum, microwave, toilet paper, paper towels.

The Bedroom

Whiskey sweat-soaked sheets, t-shirts, flannel shirt, stuffed llama, “Korn-modo dragon.”

Bookcase, whiskey sweat-soaked sheets, young artist, artwork, Jesus, water bottle.

Archival photo storage, Polaroid camera, prayer candles, Malczewski’s Butter Lamb box, miniature Ryan Villopoto Kawasaki motorcycle.