Mini Daily Documentaries

Exploratory video project.

In early February, I had just begun to learn video for a motion design class, and wanted to make some work outside of school assignments. I immediately took a liking to video work and had the idea to do a sort of several-part miniature biopic/documentary project. I refuse to use the word “vlog” and find it to be inappropriate for the context of my project. I instead use the term “biopic,” even though my work doesn’t necessarily fit that definition either, but my idea was to chronicle small parts of my daily life and tell a story with them. Did I succeed? Who’s to say, but I did have fun and I did learn a bit about video.

I did these daily films for one week, however I definitely used some copyrighted audio for a few of them as my intent was not to share with the public but to make work for the sake of my own education. Therefor, I shall only share one that uses public domain audio from, curtesy of a 1970s Dutch Catholic boys choir recording. A few of my peers told me that the video above gives off a Wes Anderson feel, which I will absolutely take as a compliment and indication of some success.